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PRO” takes viewers on an unforgettable ride into the ultra-elite world of the superstars of professional bike racing: Bobby Julich, Chris Horner, Freddie Rodriguez, Mike Sayers, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels, Mark McCormack, Jonas Carney, Trent Klasna, Michael Creed, Erik Saunders, Tim Johnson and more. These superstars and their teams star in “PRO”, director Jamie Paolinetti’s follow up film to the cult phenomenon, The Hard Road.

While The Hard Road looked at the world of professional cycling through the eyes of two veterans mentoring six rookies on a first-year team trying to break into the ranks of pro cycling, “PRO” will give the viewer an insight into the sport from the perspective of the superstars at the highest level of the peloton.

Using this year’s twentieth anniversary of the US PRO Championship in Philadelphia as its canvas, the film follows riders from every one of the major teams through the experience of Philly week and goes behind the scenes to learn what it takes to orchestrate and execute a victory at the most prestigious one day classic in American bike racing.

The film steps into the lives of riders like Bobby Julich, Chris Horner and Erik Saunders as we follow them into their homes and on their training rides to see the drive necessary to be a world class pro.

While there are as many as twenty pre-race favorites at US PRO, only one man can win, and only one American can take home the stars-and-stripes jersey. The film offers the viewer an in-depth explanation of the tactics as every big team in the country comes together, each with its own strategy for victory. Never before heard analysis of team plans are laid out and explained, both visually and by the riders and team directors themselves, as they strive to call the winning shots in an event that exemplifies world-class Classic professional bike racing.

The film will let the viewer experience the true emotional range that goes along with being on a professional team as a top level pro bike racer.